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    Nov 16 Morning - The New Mexico Economy: Recent History and Outlook; Jeffrey Mitchell through Zoom.
    Nov 16 Afternoon - New Mexico Census 2020 Response and NM Population Estimates; Robert Rhatigan and Jacqueline Miller through Zoom.
    Nov 16 Late Afternoon - Tribal Area Data Access: Advanced Census Data; Susana Privett through Zoom.

    Nov 17 Morning - Economic Census Data & Tools for Businesses; Andy Hait through WebEx.
    Nov 17 Afternoon - Census Data Basics: How to find data; Susana Privett through Zoom.

    Nov 18 Morning - Accessing Geography for 2020 Census; Mike Radcliff through WebEx.
    Nov 18 Afternoon - Local Employment Household Dynamics; Earlene Dowell through WebEx.

    Nov 19 Morning - Microdata : Data.Census.Gov; Kanin Reese through WebEx.
    Nov 19 Afternoon - Differential Privacy: Updates on Disclosure Avoidance and how it will effect 2020 Census data; Michael B Hawes through WebEx.

    Nov 20 Morning - New Mexico Health Data: IBIS; Lois Haggard through zoom.
    Nov 20 Afternoon - 2020 Census Debrief: NM State Data Center Affiliates Meeting; Ryan Eustice and Suzan Reagan through zoom.
    Nov 20 Early Evening - Data Networking - Light discussion on covid19 work-a-rounds; Suzan Reagan through zoom.